Garden inspiration 3 – Summer fragrance

Last week I took a trip to a local lavender farm called Hitchin Lavender. It was some time since I had visited and I returned to find a busier place with many more visitors – notably, international ones – coming to bask in a field of English lavender. Whilst it may not be quite Provence weather, a gentle hillside clad in purple is quite a sight.

The farm has a display area showing all the different types of lavender they grow – from white to pink from giant to dwarf – but the real treat is in wandering up and down the lavender rows, scissors and paper bag in hand, picking your own lavender. The rows were buzzing with pollinators – something I’m trying to consciously consider in my own garden but what I did realise is that although I have pollinator-friendly plants, and a decent amount of herbs, I need more scent! Something to think about for next year… maybe just a lavender plant by the front door will do it…

Walking through the rows at Hitchin Lavender

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